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Terrestrial Digital Television

21 of May of 2015
  • Terrestrial Digital Television

The Digital Television for everybody (TDT) is the evolution of the current television, which evolves from being analogical to digital, this allows the viewers to be able to enjoy a bigger number of contents with better quality of image and sound, high definition and new advanced services.

In Colombia, there was adopted the standard DVB-T2 (Digital Video Broadcasting-Terrestrial) to perform the transmission to digital television. Currently the public and private, national, regional and local networks, move forward the implementation of the networks to increase the service coverage that is currently in operation.

Step by step to connect your TV to the TDT

Follow this simple step by step in order to connect your TV set and enjoy the TDT signal (Digital Television for All). First you have to identify if your TV set is provided with DBV-T2 technology, and then follow the instructions.