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Emission and satellite transport

21 of May of 2015
  • Emission and satellite transport

The centre of emission receives, codifies and digitizes the content, in such a way that it is available to be expressed in accordance with the lists of programming that go on t air for the different Señal Colombia Public Media System Networks.


This process stores the content in teams and technological infrastructure that allows performing the works of final edition of the content before its delivery to the emission.

Radio Emission Centre 

It optimizes and guarantees the continuity of the broadcasting signal for stations on the air that are transmitted in the frequencies AM and FM.

Here the operation of the broadcasting stations is supported technically, since it manages the infrastructure that supports the emission and production studios, the outside broadcast units and the transmitting stations.

Together with the producers, creators, journalists and announcers, the Coordination of Radio emission, supports the process of content creation, from the facilities located in the CAN or from any place in Colombia and the world, with qualified technical personnel that fulfil the required experience that the beneficiaries of our services deserve.

Additionally, it is in charge of processing the acquisition of technical infrastructure for the recovery, expansion of stations of transmission in AM and FM and the infrastructure of emission shaped by the radio emission studios in Bogota and those in the cities.

Satellite Transport

The satellite transport service, allows to receive the signals generated in the head of Señal Colombia Public Media System , also known as Emission Centre; it performs the conversion processes of frequency and power amplification in order to transmit them towards a satellite located to 36.000 Km of the ground in such a way that the cities and villages of the whole country can gain access to the public service of television and radio.