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Mission, vision, principles and values

21 of May of 2015


We are a Public Media System that creates, designs, produces, makes, preserves and sets in circulation, cultural, educational institutional, and informative contents of high quality for all the forms of consumption.


By 2018 to deliver to the audience on an efficient and responsible manner a wide offer of high quality lasting alternative contents which stimulates the knowledge, innovation society and the democratic and cultural values.


To be the Public Media System of prime audience in Latin America, after positioning our products inside five preferred mass communication media by the national audience.


The principles are fundamental inside our organization in order to act seriously and respectfully in the performance of our functions since both the human beings and the organizations must be governed by ethics, morality and the good customs that account for commitment and transparency which is needed to correspond to the society’s and state’s confidence.

Ethical Principles

  • To act fairly, honesty and transparently.

  • To promote the solidarity and teamwork.

  • To serve with willingness and without preferences.

  • To reject any undue reward.

  • To serve with efficiency.

  • To use the work time with tidiness. 

  • To receive with moderation the criticism from the citizenship.

  • To guarantee the participation from the citizenship.

  • To propitiate the recognition of the existing cultural diversity in our country.

  • To be prepared for the dynamic and constant change.

  • Universalization the programming of the media under our responsibility.

Principles of Public Management

  • The public money is sacred.

  • The management of the public apparatus is transparent, Señal Colombia Public Media System reports everything that it does, with whom it does it, when it does it, how it does it and how much does all that cost.

  • We do not use the power of the State to buy consciences and to silence opinions different from our own ones.

  • The example of the authorities is the main pedagogic tool of civic transformation.

  • We plan in order to avoid improvisations.

  • We work so that the programs and projects of the entity are efficient and effective.

  • Our relations with the community are open and clear, and are developed across sections of civil participation. 

  • The public interest prevails over the particular interest.

  • The persons who give their services to Señal Colombia Public Media System are honest, capable and compromised with the institution. 

  • The confidence in the persons who direct the Management in all its levels is essential to guarantee the legitimacy of the State. 

  • Life is the maximum value and because of it there is no single idea, nor proposal that deserves the use of violence to reach them.


  • Responsibility

  • Commitment

  • Honesty

  • Respect