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Señal Colombia TV

21 of May of 2015


Señal Colombia is consolidating itself as an offer for a different kind of television for the audience, with attractive programs that generate loyalty and as an open and democratic space for the television production.

Señal Colombia is counts with a significant experience in the treatment (audio-visual and publishing) of educational and cultural programs, which gain depth and credibility thanks to the mix of voices of those who live through the experience.


Señal Colombia is the national, educational and cultural public network, in which the viewers find an offer of a different television and in which the citizens can explore other cultures and ways of life (window), as well as identify, recognize and complement themselves (mirror).

Because Señal Colombia is EVERYTHING WHAT WE ARE 

ENTERTAINING educational and cultural TV

Considering the educational and cultural nature of Señal Colombia, the network steps forward as follows

  • Dialogue between culture and education on the screen: Our panel integrates contents with high value, both educationally and culturally, without need to divorce these two aspects, but on the contrary, strengthening the idea that the television can simultaneously reflect to us as a country, citizens and individuals and open the windows to us for new knowledge, cultures and ways of life.
  • Cultural and creative processes behind the scene: Recognizing the television as a stage of collective construction of the social apparatus, in the frame of the public television, the exercise of the audio-visual production integrates and mixes with the cultural processes of the different human groups whom it expresses and it represents. Likewise, it permanently challenges the producers so that they find diverse forms and audio-visual languages to put them into the service of the communities, subjects and stories that come alive in our programming.
  • Television engaged with the audience: The selection criteria and of proposal pursuit processes for both national and foreign productions, cause to the offer of television from Señal Colombia to be solid and coherent, both in contents and treatments for the young public, as in the quality and veracity of the contents for different publics.

Team and actors

Although Señal Colombia is provided with an internal organizational structure (programming – representative production - executive production, traffic, file, emission, convergent team etc.) it is important to demonstrate and to integrate into the logic of the teamwork the other fundamental actors in the consolidation of the network.


  • To strengthen the cultural identity in the diversity and the memory.
  • To see and to hear multiple voices, faces, topics and points of view.
  • To open stages for the expression of the artistic quality.
  • To promote the national talent and the participation of the citizens in the audio-visual creation.
  • To respect the spaces of participation of the cultural minorities.
  • To create proper aesthetics through the experimentation and the mastery of the television skill.
  • To guarantee the interaction of the local, the regional, the national and the international apparatus.
  • To elaborate a national calendar of the diverse cultures and the myths founding the nationality.
  • To manage the public resources with efficiency and transparency.
  • To trend for the strengthening of the coexistence and the fundamental values.
  • To be a quality pedagogic resource, coherent and open that facilitates and propitiates the knowledge.
  • To be an accessible valid resource to whoever needs it in order to contribute to the social appropriation of the knowledge.
  • To be constituted in a resource that tunes the languages of the school with those of the media in order to enrich the work and the knowledge of the teachers.