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Canal Institucional

26 of December of 2016

Canal Institucional is a public and open television network with a national coverage and with handling of an institutional public subject-matter created in September, 2003 by the National Commission of Television, in order to inform the citizens about the development of law projects, to promote the State social policy and to spread the programs and public projects for the sake of each and every one of the Colombians

We are the network in which the State reports to the citizens, here one can see the management of our leaders, the transmissions of the Congress exercising political control and making the laws. This is the public network through which the control organs account for their projects and activities.

Señal Institucional forms part of Señal Colombia Public Media System and it is a space for information, diffusion, education and promotion for all the Colombians, in which all state branches may fit, as well as regional, national and supranational and informative international organisms that allow us to fit ourselves in the world context.

Its programming is composed by live broadcasts of Congress of the Republic Commissions and Plenary sessions, live or deferred broadcasts of big events of national interest such as parades and public concerts for the commemoration of the Independence, electoral processes, multinational summits, participation of the country in international events, etc.

Likewise, it presents transmissions from the Presidency of the Republic and diverse informative programs, in genres that go from the magazines, series, debates and talks, up to the documentaries and that are produced by public entities, federations or unions. Señal Institucional also has in its programming panels of a series of international informative such as Euronews, Mundo al día, Russia today, Journal, among others, which allow the viewers to understand the geopolitics, the global environment and our relationship with the world.

Our history

At the end of 2003, the National Commission of Television emitted the Resolution No. 533 which changed the character of the then Canal A, a national public network tendered to a third party with commercial ends, and created in the mentioned space the network Señal Colombia Institucional, whose objective was to assume the diffusion of commissions and plenary sessions from the Congress, as well as the transmissions of the Presidency of the Republic, which were emitted by Señal Colombia and, as well as to assemble the television programs that were produced by different entities of the State and that were transmitted, mostly in the tendered public networks Uno and A.

In that moment, the CNTV delivered to the state Audio-visuals programmer the responsibility of producing and making with the institutions the programs in different formats that would be in the panel of the new network and of programming with proper or third productions, the remaining sections, until reaching an emission of at least 16 daily hours from Sunday to Sunday.

Since then, a paint-rushed condor appeared on the screens of the national television with the name Institucional and little by little stated filling the sections with public interest programs, transmissions of Senate and Chamber, programs of Presidency, from the different entities and of the High Council of the Judicature, as well as programs of the embassies and of multilateral organisms and live broadcasts of different national or international events like press conferences, parades, teleconferencing, opening ceremonies and others.

After the liquidation of Audio-visuals, Institucional became programmed and produced by RTVC and its image changed, giving place to a multi-coloured screen that was representing the national flag. Years later, this image was renewed, including a focus from which the country was seen and adopted the slogan of "Colombia se ve mejor en Institucional".

In this network there have been seen big reflected moments of the national life like the parades of July 20 and August 7, the last electoral processes, the covering of the BID, Americas and Pacific Ocean Summits, the beatification of the mother Laura Montoya, the participation of Colombia in different international events, the presidential speeches and the proclamation of important laws of the State.

In June 2013, ten years after its creation, sheltered by Señal Colombia Public Media System, the network turned again into "Señal Institucional, el canal donde Colombia se ve mejor".


Canal Institucional is the Colombian public television network. It promotes the national culture, its identity and values in all its diversity. It is plural and objective in the representation on its screen of the cultural, social, economic and political reality of the country.


To be the public television network at the service of the Colombians; democratic participation, plurality, balance and pedagogics are the characteristics that will consolidate the information and the formation of all the Colombians. In 2015 it is projected as the public network leader of the digital television, integrated to a convergent system of public services of communication.