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List of procedures and services

22 of May of 2015

The information for procedures and services of the entity may be consulted in the Portal del Estado Colombiano , where the procedures and services of the public entities are concentrated.

Our entity provides the following procedures and services, which can be filled in online on the procedures and services form or downloading and sending them to peticionesquejasyreclamos@rtvc.gov.co


Allocation of civic and regular commercial code

To acquire the civic and regular commercials emission code and cost in the Canal Institutional and in the Canal 1.

Consult the procedure on the Portal del Estado Colombiano   


1. Copy on DVD of Home Video

    To acquire a copy of Home Video (material which rights belong to RTVC).

2. Audio-visual material visualization

    Allow the audio-visual material visualization in professional formats.

3. Transfer

    Transfer from an analogue support (u-matic, inch, dvcam, betacam sp) to another type of similar or     digital support.

4. Recording of historical file

    Allow the access and to acquire a copy of sonorous material of the record library.

5. Audio-visual material copy

   To give images in movement of audio-visual material whose rights belong to the entity.

6. Emission of institutional programs in the Institutional network

    Spread in the programming panel from Canal Institucional the institutional programs from public           entities authorized by the ANTV

7. Certificate of emission of TV/radio commercials and programs

    To obtain the program certification and civic and regular commercial emitted by the public television     networks.