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21 of May of 2015
  • Infrastructure

The Public Media System has more than 240 radio diffusion stations of the Television and the Public Radio located in strategic places across the country with coverage close to 92% of the Colombian population, with the signal of television and more than 71 % with the signal of radio.

The Technical Area of Transmission is the one in charge of assuring that the contents that the System produces reaches all the corners of the country. For such intention, one has strengthened the network that supports all the requirements, assuring this way an effective transmission in the covering areas.

The transmission of the signals begins from the master of emission, where the contents of each of the missionary areas are received and turned into signals that are codified to be sent to a satellite, which covers the whole national territory.

Thus the signals of each of our contents remain available in the satellite, so that from each of the stations it is possible to obtain the signal and then sent it to a tower, which across a few antennas is in charge of radiate it towards a specific area.