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Radio Nacional de Colombia

26 of December of 2016
  • Radio Nacional de Colombia

The origins of what today is Radio Nacional de Colombia - the public radio - go back to year 1940 and, particularly, on February the 1st of this year, when Radiodifusora Nacional de Colombia was founded by the President of that time, Eduardo Santos.

It was in this historical moment where the path left through its steps a big cultural legacy for our country began.

In 1951, during the Government of Roberto Urdaneta, the "Radio Nacional de Colombia" stops depending on the Department of Education, to which it belonged from 1940, to be under the Odipe (Oficina de Información y Prensa del Estado).

The Government of Gustavo Rojas Pinilla was the one that brought one of the most important developments for the National radio and in this one new equipment was acquired, more technology, sections were adapted and valuable personnel was hired for its management.

Among the characters who have marked different stages of the broadcasting station: Otto de Greiff, León De Greiff, Rafael Amaya, Germán Arciniegas, Guillermo Abadía Morales, Andrés Pardo Tovar and Manuel Zapata Olivella.

Along its recent history, once Radiodifusora Nacional - today Radio Nacional de Colombia - has been present in some of the most important musical and cultural festivals of the country among them: "El Festival Vallenato de Valledupar", "El Festival de Música del Pacífico Petronio Álvarez", the "Festival de Gaitas de Ovejas" (Sucre) and the "Festival de la Luna Verde", in San Andrés, among others.

At present, the public radio is projected structured, analytical, independent and deep in its contents, which reach the big cities but also to the most isolated places from the territory by media of 49 frequencies.