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International Office

21 of May of 2015
  • International Office

Our international strategy, articulated and conscious of our mission and our potentialities, bringing benefits to the System and to its users.

The Public Media Systems are the ones in charge of maintaining and taking the local identities to the international scope, across the exchange of contents, the international joint production, the sale and transfer of programs, among others. An articulated and conscious international strategy of our mission and our potentialities, bring benefits to the System and to its users.

Thanks to the results obtained by the network Señal Colombia, it was determined that from 2015 this experience is transversal to the whole Public Media System; that's why the implementation of an office that works for the position and the strengthening of Señal Colombia Public Media System on a global scale was developed, across an articulated strategy in which our presence in the world gets promoted with the achievement of these five goals:

  1. Presence and recognition of the System in different events and festivals of the sector
  2. Generation of alliances and international agreements
  3. Generation of exchange, management and transfer of international contents
  4. Search of new windows (screen / spectrum) for positioning of our products internationally. 
  5. Generation of training and technical cooperation of the different missionary areas of the system.

To understand that the public media is framed inside the regional and global scope, allows the internationalization of our system not to be a bonus; but a tacit activity to our management.