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Señal Memoria

21 of May of 2015
  • Signal memory


Señal Memoria is an initiative to preserve the audio-visual assets generated in Colombia. More exactly it is a platform that assembles, in only one place, the audio-visual content of the Colombian public media system and that will allow all the citizens, - students, researchers and public in general - to gain access to the content produced by the public networks of national television: Señal Colombia, Señal Institucional and network Uno; in addition to the ones created by the broadcasting stations of the national public radio: Señal Radio Colombia, Señal Radiónica and Señal Memoria, among other sources.

To accomplish its goal of assembling the Colombian audio-visual cultural legacy, Señal Memoria will allow access to the content of the Record and the Video library of Señal Colombia. Initiatives that have until now achieved to preserve, catalogue, restore and digitize tens of thousands of titles produced in the country.

Señal Memoria is the history of our country lived from the optics of our media and that will allow us to understand the development of the Colombian society and its evolution from the middle of the XX century until our present days.